SINGLE REVIEW: Olivia Holt – Generous


Olivia Holt is the newest Disney TV star to cross over to the music industry. Her debut EP was a forgettable collection of surprisingly mature tracks and after it flopped she sort of just disappeared. However she’s back to try again with the experimental “Generous”. The alternative pop meets RNB track see’s her going towards a sound that Selena Gomez has recently perfected. While the musical direction is strong and is a lot more impactful than her previous music her delivery is just a bit weak. It’s a song that eventually grows on you after a couple of listens but it is a struggle to get past that initial listen. The lyrics are a bit saucy for a Hollywood Records track but I’m not complaining. “The way you looking at me got me in the mood, I’m feeling generous”. The potential is there and hopefully with her future releases we will hear her experiment more and find her own unique sound instead of copying Selena’s. However I must say that her mature approach to production is commendable.


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