SINGLE REVIEW: Maggie Rogers – Split Stones

maggie rogers split stones cover

Maggie Rogers has had quite the year. The 23 year old songstress has been touring the world in support of her debut EP “Now That The Light Is Fading” and impressing audiences with her energetic, captivating and magical live shows. Her sets saw her performing a bunch of unreleased material due to the nature of her EP only being 5 tracks long and having to fill an hour set. But one of the most impressive songs was a vibrant set opener “Split Stones” that she’s gifted to her fans as a little farewell present while she puts the final touches on her debut album which is due next year. The song experiments with a heavier electronic influence with layered synths collating different samples and beats together to give one euphoric moment. The production is similar to “Dog Years’ in that sense but has more of a polished pop finish. When you listen to this song you aren’t really surprised as to why she would open her shows with it after the intimate “Color Song”. It has a very warm and vibrant feel to it while still offering a reflective and emotional lyrical and vocal delivery. “But if you could fight, if you could choose. If you could say all the things you wanted to. If you couldn’t lie, If you would only move like you had something to lose”. Her EP was already a strong collection of tracks and a promising start for the pop protege but this song just proves that she’s already growing as an artist and writing stronger tracks. So get ready to fall in love again.



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