SINGLE REVIEW: Emeli Sande – Starlight


Emeli Sande is well known for her hauntingly beautiful ballads. She has a voice that could instantly give you goosebumps and take you on an unique emotional journey that not many other artists can. Her debut album was heavily praised and saw her topping that charts globally. However her sophomore record “Long Live The Angels” didn’t quite have the same affect. She is about to kick off a string of arena dates in the UK and in an attempt to diversify her material she has released a house meets pop dance track. Yep you read that correctly. The soul songstress has delivered the most generic sounding track that could’ve been conceived. It could’ve been this cool experimental moment that saw her soul sound transform but instead it’s a confusing mess. The lyrics detail the euphoric feeling over falling in love for the first time in a long time and you should walk away from this song feeling all gooey and radiating but you don’t. Even the lyrics are a bit generic. “I feel like I just found the one, the one. Baby now look what you done, you done. You’ve lit up my life with your love, your love. I’m in love, I’m in love”. But I think that the most disappointing thing about this track is that her vocals are jeopardised. Usually her vocals are the most distinctive thing about her music and in this track she could’ve been any newcomer and I wouldn’t have thought differently. It’s just below average at best.


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