SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Jonas – Find You


Ever since Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato started their own record label both of their music has become more experimental and had an increasingly mature approach. Not really that surprising is it? But I’m glad they have now got more control over their music because they are truly delivering the goods. Nick Jonas’ romantic new single “Find You” is a groovy track that continues the retro vibe “Remember I Told You” introduced. It isn’t a massive departure from his previous releases but instead of the RNB focus he had he’s going towards a more focused pop route. I don’t want to describe it as disco because that is the wrong wording but the chorus has a similar effect. The shiny production is groovy and and will have you floating somewhere amongst your thoughts. The song looks at a relationship where he can’t figure out where they are at or what they are thinking. “You got a logic I’ll never figure out. If I could hold you then I’d never put you down but I never really know just where to find you”. It’s super catchy and has a cool euphoric feeling to it. It’s not a instant hit but it’s a good track.