Earlier this year MUNA delivered their impressive debut “About U” which quickly became one of my favourite records of the year. The Californian three piece are about to join Harry Styles on his North American tour and what a better excuse to drop a new single. “In My Way” is a shiny indie-pop track that see them continuing the electro synth production that their debut cemented. But instead of the emotional heartbreak theme that the album was centered around they have given us a happy track. It looks at taking that giant leap of faith into a new relationship where there is so much uncertainty surrounding the future. “Even if, if it doesn’t all go my way, I’m not afraid to say I love you in my way”. It’s a euphoric feeling that they’ve captured incredibly well, making you want to fall in love right there and then if you aren’t already. The production on the synths is quite similar to their previous material and even gives me a bit of a The 1975 vibe with the focus on the guitars. It’s been a fan favourite in their set for the past couple of months and it will continue to be now that everyone has finally got the studio version to listen to 100 times.


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