SINGLE REVIEW: Grace VanderWaal – So Much More Than This


After winning the 2016 series of America’s Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal has had a busy year of writing and recording her debut album “Just The Beginning” which is due to be released on November 3. And can I also state that she has done all of this at the very young age of thirteen. THIRTEEN!! She is a future voice of pop with a sound that is going to change quite drastically over her career but for right now it’s pop with a little bit of a soul vocal influence. Lead single “So Much More Than This” is a sweet pop track that looks at how life is so much more than hate or popularity. A very important message that the world could really do with right now. “Tap your foot and listen in. Ignore the world, let the music cave in. Close your phone and breathe in the air. You’ll soon realise that there’s something that is so much more than this”. The production starts with the plucking of guitar strings before adding a cool pop beat over the bridge and chorus to give it a more polished texture. With each listen the song grows on you and you’ll find yourself tapping along to the cute chorus. But her age is slightly compromised with the delivery as it does have a very young feel to it but she’s thirteen, I will give the kid a break.

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