SINGLE REVIEW: Ball Park Music – Exactly How you Are


Brisbane indie pop/rock favourites Ball Park Music have spent the last year in the studio working on their upcoming fifth record and it may be closer than we think. The band have just dropped their euphoric lead single “Exactly How You Are” and it’s the feel good track you didn’t realise you needed in your life so badly. The song delivers you all the key elements that makes a Ball Park Music track so dominant. It’s begins with just the strumming of a guitar and Sam Cromack’s instantly recognisable croon before adding in keys and drums to fill out this uplifting sound. The chorus is massive. it’s instantly catchy and boppy enough that this anthem will become a main centrepiece in their live shows. Lyrically it looks at a new relationship where they fall in love with the person exactly how they are, with all their flaws and all. it’s a bit cute isn’t it? Production wise the formula is classic Ball Park Music and that’s okay with me. It’s a tune and a half and will instantly become a favourite of yours and have you even more excited for the release of this record.




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