Making a comeback in 2014 after a second diagnosis of breast cancer Anastacia showcased a new found strength with a collection of empowering pop/rock ballads. She didn’t allow the past to define her and focused on the path to recovery with the reflective songs on the appropriately titled “Resurrection”.

After extensively touring Europe on her “Ultimate Collection Tour” she jumped back into the studio to work on her seventh studio album which saw the songstress going back to her roots.

“Evolution” sees her delivering thirteen “Sprock” (her unique fusion of soul-pop-rock) influenced tracks. Album opener and lead single “Caught In The Middle” is a dominant track that throws all of these elements together with reflective lyrics on a relationship that is going no where and gives you a big singalong hook. “Redlight” kicks off the nostalgia with a production that sounds like it could’ve featured on her fourth studio album “Heavy Rotation”. The funky sound will have you instantly grooving along and it’s easily one of the strongest tracks on the record. “Nobody Loves Me Better” and “Reckless” follow the lead of this production with groovy little moments that will become assets to her live show.

Anastasia loves a good rock ballad and the powerful “Before” quickly became my favourite track on this record. The emotional and reflective lyrics look at being the bigger person and growing after a break up instead of being broken and bitter. “Thinking all night, thinking all day bout how you used to be before”. Continuing this sound “Stamina and “Not Coming Down” offer more rock vocals while “Pain” experiments with electronica in the pop-rock production.

She does love ballads so the stripped down piano led “My Everything” and “Why” were welcomed inclusions.

The empowering “Boxer” offered a very theatrical production which is similar to her self titled record and was a great contrast from the fun and reflective “Boomerang” which had a similar sound.

Perfectly closing the album was the nostalgic “Higher Livin” which took you back to the start of her career with a disco-funk vibe. The production on the chorus sounds very similar to one of her biggest hits “One Day In Your Life” but I’m not complaining because it’s a bop.

This record sees her reflecting a lot on her career, love life and personal growths and is a fitting addition to her radiating message of self love. It’s a fun record which has it’s moments of classic Anastasia. It’s not going to break her back into the mainstream market or see any of these songs topping that charts but it’s a fun record that her fans are going to love.





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