SINGLE REVIEW: R5 – Hurts Good


R5 are a band who are constantly growing and evolving as artists. The ex-Disney five piece fronted by Ross Lynch have come a long way musically since the release of their debut record. With less of a focus on gimmicky choruses the band are now focusing on experimenting with sounds and production techniques. Their new single “Hurts Good” continues the groovy pop/rock sound their last EP “New Addictions” headed towards. The vibrant track takes a leaf out of DNCE’s book and finds the perfect balance between pure sex appeal and confidence. With a stripped back production during the first verse with just a light synthesiser and a vocal effect over Lynch’s delivery they add in hand claps and a groovy bass-line to fulfil the vibe. And then for the chorus they completely change the game with an experimental dance drop. It’s not your expected clean cut pop-dance beat drop it’s a bit more industrial and gritty. It’s a sound that not everyone is going to like straight away but it’s a grower and one you will want to groove along to.





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