SINGLE REVIEW: Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask


Even after One Direction has disbanded it’s still the Harry Styles show. You can’t turn on the radio without hearing someone mention his name in regards to his music, upcoming world tour or his recent lead role in the blockbuster “Dunkirk”. But giving him a run for his money is the Irish born Niall Horan. Australia seems to have this love affair with him and I’m a bit confused as to why. His first single “This Town” was a predictable and boring acoustic guitar ballad while follow up single “Slow Hands” impressed with strong verses, a catchy hook but disappointed with awful vocal production. Horan will release his debut album “Flicker” on October 20 and in conjunction with the announcement he’s dropped his third single. “Too Much To Ask” sees him putting down the guitar and jumping on the piano for this intimate ballad. The song reflects on a relationship that’s ended and hoping that the other person regrets ending it too so they can make amends. “My shadow’s dancing without you for the first time. My heart is hoping you’ll walk right in tonight. Tell me there are things that you regret cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet”. It’s honest, raw and emotional and showcases a very strong songwriting ability which I’m excited to see develop. However where this song lost me was the production of the chorus. It should be this really emotional and beautiful moment but instead it sounds like he’s still writing this for a boyband not a solo artist. The verses have this strong maturity and vulnerability to them while the chorus just takes away the growth he’s made and reverts him back to a ballad on a One Direction album. I really wanted to love this track and I love where he’s coming from emotionally but the production delivery is just wrong again. Can someone just help him already? Is that too much to ask? *pun intended*






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