SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA – Homemade Dynamite

lorde HD

I don’t think it comes by much surprise that I’m awarding album of the year (so far) to Lorde. “Melodrama” was an emotionally beautiful, mature and experimental record that saw her turning a devastating heart break into something really empowering. “Homemade Dynamite is one of the records biggest pop moments and has a quirky storyline about meeting someone whilst intoxicated at a party. I truly thought this would’ve become a single by now and reigned the charts but apparently she’s decided to release a remix featuring the hottest newcomers instead. The song begins as per normal with her singing about being a pair of rebel top gun pilots and goes into the catchy hook about being drunk and flirting with this guy without any changes. Then Khalid carries the storyline during the second verse with new lyrics and a slightly anti-climatic delivery. His vocals are borderline monotonous and would’ve had a stronger impact without the heavy effects. Even when he harmonises with Lorde during the chorus is average. SZA then steps it up during the third verse with a dominating and sultry delivery that looks at her stealing someones lover. Her vocals harmonises with Lorde’s a lot better and their moment is devastatingly way too short. Tieing it all together with a fourth verse is Post Malone. I’m not going to lie, I really wasn’t looking forward to his feature and was already thinking about how I was going to criticise him but he surprised me. He actually became my favourite out of the 3 because it brought something different and fresh to the track. He also toned down his normally annoying and egotistical rap delivery and gave a smooth effort instead. Production wise this song didn’t get a makeover (which I’m totally happy about) with just new harmonies and lyrics added which was overall okay. Nothing brilliant or ground breaking, but it was okay. The concept of 4 very different vocalists on one track was a bit messy and she couldn’t cut out one to allow more time to focus on the other dynamics instead of changing around so drastically.




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