SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – The Last Of The Real Ones


After receiving an average response to their lead single “Young And Menace” it really came by no surprise that Fall Out Boy all of a sudden delayed the September release of their seventh studio album “Mania” until February 2018 to have some more time to work on it. They introduced an experimental electronic approach to their trademark pop/rock sound and people were torn. If I wanted to hear dodgy dance music I would just listen to The Chainsmokers. So I was relieved when they released the more traditional sounding “Champion” which had less of an electronic influence. For their new single “The Last Of The Real Ones” they continue the trip down memory lane with a polished sound that could’ve been a b-side from any of their recent studio albums. But apparently this track was written a week after the band made the announcement of the release date being pushed back so I take this as a very promising revelation. The song looks at the love you have for someone for all their flaws and all. It’s an empowering love song and an anthem for anyone questioning that nobody will love them because of how damaged they think they are. “Cause you’re the last of a dying breed. Write our names in the wet concrete. I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me. I’m here in search of your glory”. Beginning with a perky piano melody, lead vocalist Patrick Stump offers his instantly recognisable harmonies before a heavy strumming of a guitar and big drums deliver you that F.O.B sound you know and love. The chorus is structured well for their live sets to have a pure euphoric feeling and while it’s different to their early material its very similar to their post-hiatus tracks. So if you’re a fan of that direction then this song will be quickly stuck in your head.