SINGLE REVIEW: Evanescence – Imperfection


Returning from their hiatus Arkansas rock band Evanescence are not just making a comeback, they are also introducing a whole new sound. Their forthcoming record “Synthesis” will see the band de-constructing some of their favourite tracks from their career and adding a new re-arrangement to the production. These songs will see the drums and guitars being replaced by an orchestra which will have their already theatrical sound taken to new heights. Their songs have always had emotional and dramatic production with strings regularly used but to strip away the heavier elements and put more emphasis on the vocals and emotion is an exciting approach. The first song to get this overhaul was “Bring Me To Life” which showcased a new found maturity and meaning. But the band have just released a new original single which I expected to continue this new experimental sound but instead they hit you with some nostalgic production. “Imperfection” takes you back to the sound of their debut album. From beautiful piano melodies to gritty beats, big drums and sweeping strings you could easily convince me that this was a B-Side from “Fallen”. There is slightly a bit more emphasis on the strings compared to their other material but only slightly. The drums over-saturate the production during the chorus and could have been striped back slightly to compliment the sound they are trying to achieve. Their lyrics are as dark, emotional and empowering as always and has lead vocalist Amy Lee plea-ing to someone to not give into depression and to fight for your life. “Don’t you dare surrender, don’t leave me here without you. Cause I could never replace your perfect imperfection”. It’s a beautiful and empowering song that really is for their long term fans who are going to be excited to hear them returning to their roots.


Evanescence will be touring Australia in Feburary 2018. Dates to be announced soon.




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