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With the 10 year anniversary of The Getaway Plan’s highly acclaimed debut album “Other Voices, Other Rooms” quickly approaching the boys have decided to jump the gun and do an anniversary tour. Technically it’s only been 9 years and 7 months but it’s close enough that it’s worth celebrating. With a scent of pure nostalgia in the air the Brisbane crowd were ready to relive their angsty teen years and sing back the lyrics to one of their favourite records in it’s entirety.

Melbourne alternative rockers Harbours kicked off the evening with a brief 30 minute set that saw them performing tracks from their EP “Nothing Stays The Same”. The tracks are a well produced blend of alt-rock which is is quite similar to the direction of early The Getaway Plan. So musically the sound was very well connected in choosing a support however the stage presence just wasn’t there. Lead vocalist Tory Robertson hit all the notes vocally but lacked that on-stage charisma to stop people from talking mid set and to take full attention. He did take a moment to talk about the importance of R U OK day and mental health awareness which was met with a loud cheer of support. But while he won the crowd over for that song their set still felt a bit average.

With the venue filling up to capacity it was interesting looking around the room and seeing the diversity of ages in attendance. Some long-term fans were repping old tour merch while on the other side of the room were some freshly turned 18 year olds who were buzzing about experiencing their first The Getaway Plan gig. The show was split into two sets. The first set was dedicated to their greatest hits, fan favourites and some old b-sides while the second set would see them playing their debut album in full. Storming the stage with opening track “The Reckoning” from their second studio album “The Requiem” they launched into 50 minutes of what can only be described as a fan’s dream setlist. In-between the likes of “Battleships”, “Dark Horses” and “S.T.A.R.S” they even performed a unique cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” which showed just how far they have come as a band. Lead vocalist Matthew Wright’s delivery was strong and powerful even though he noticeably left out the screaming parts so he could focus on improving his vocals instead. After a brief 15 minute intermission the band retook to the stage to kick of the “Other Voices, Other Rooms” portion of the show. They decided to play the album mostly in order with “Streetlight” kicking off the set. During their first set the crowd wasn’t as vocal or interactive as I would’ve expected however by the second set they were well and truly on board. Each song was met with a massive singalong with the people around me saying “OMG this is my favourite song” (which they said to EVERY track). “Shadows”, “Red Flag” and “Transmission” had the biggest crowd reactions followed by the monster hit “Where The City Meets The Sea” which is still a brilliant song. Returning to the stage for one final encore they performed “Strings” which is the first song they ever wrote as a band and a really fitting way to end the show.

The contrast of the two sets was really interesting because it showcased just how much they have grown as a band not just musically but lyrically as well. Their new music still holds onto the emotional and angsty roots of the debut but they keep evolving which is super important.


You can catch The Getaway Plan on the remaining dates of their massive “nearly 10 year” anniversary tour of “Other Voices, Other Rooms.  


Friday September 15 – Metro Theatre, Sydney

Saturday September 16 – The Long Jetty Hotel, Central Coast

Sunday September 17 – The Basement, Canberra

Friday  September 22 – The Gov, Adelaide

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