SINGLE REVIEW: Phoebe Ryan – Be Real

Be Real - Single

Last month Phoebe Ryan released one of the most underrated pop songs of the year with the healing break up track “Forgetting All About You”. She hasn’t wasted any time by putting out her next single from her forthcoming EP and its another brutally honest track. “Be Real” sees her begging for honesty in a relationship that no longer feels genuine. Her storytelling is so captivating and showcases a raw vulnerability whilst making you feel empowered. She takes charge of her emotions and her position in the relationship by not allowing him to string her along anymore. “But baby am I enough? You gotta tell me the deal. You either love me or you do not So what’s up? Just be real. You’ve been spending your life using words like a shield. I know it’s easier telling lies but tonight, just be real”. Her vocals are strong as always and compliments the indie-pop production which is layered by different synths and beats. The sound is similar to her previous single and shows another honest side of her. Both of these new songs have strong radio potential so she’s really not someone you should be sleeping on.




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