SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft

kelly clarkson

It’s no secret that Kelly Clarkson’s last album was an average affair. “Heartbeat Song” was an annoying lead single whilst title track “Piece By Piece” only received media attention 11 months after its initial release when she performed a stripped back version on the American Idol Grand Finale. in between giving birth to her second child and juggling married life the songstress has been working on her eighth studio album “Meaning Of Life” which will be released on October 27. For this record she is going towards a more pop-soul directed sound which apparently also see’s her experimenting with R&B. This influence doesn’t come as a shock because her first record “Thankful” had a lot of soul roots intact before she moved onto her angsty pop-rock sound that the world fell in love with. Instead of releasing just one single the songstress has decided to release two. “Love So Soft is the lead single and the first taste of this new direction and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. She begins with a throwback signature soul sound which is driven by the baseline and a hand clap beat. But then for the chorus she injects a RNB flavour giving you all kinds of attitude making you want to grind until those big trumpets come in. “Love so soft, you ain’t had nothing softer. Break it then you buy it and it sure gonna cost you. Love so soft that you can’t rub off. You gonna love it if you try it, got you hooked now you’re caught up”. It’s instantly so catchy and will have you wanting to sing along, dance along and really feel this new vibe she’s delivering. Her vocals are on a whole other planet. They’ve always been strong, there’s no denying that but the girl can SING. Her vocal runs and final high note before the last chorus literally gave me so much life. Out of the two singles she released this is by far the strongest and makes sense why it was chosen as the lead radio single. Welcome back Kelly!

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