SINGLE REVIEW: Hailee Steinfeld feat. Alesso and Florida Georgia Line – Let Me Go

let me go

I really don’t understand this new country and dance crossover. I wish I could get it but I really don’t. It’s a trend which has come out of nowhere and everyone is jumping on but I’m hesitant. Some of these collaborations have worked and others have embarrassingly failed. Hailee Steinfeld is the next pop protege to gamble her luck by teaming up with dance producer Alesso and Country phenomenons Florida Georgia Line. The song begins sounding like a classic Hailee Steinfeld track, her sweet vocals are injected over a basic pop beat which is pleasing to the ear but you’ve heard it all before. The chorus delivers a gospel inspired hook which is quite cool but then Alesso drops a generic dance beat drop and my eyes started rolling. Florida Georgia Line takes over for the second verse with their signature country twang offering a different texture which is surprisingly not awful. However there’s no denying that this song is another victim of being generic and safe. This formula is very popular at the moment and it just doesn’t deliver a moment of pure originality or shock. Even the lyrics are a bit average and the delivery lacks the vulnerability that this song needed. It looks at letting go of a relationship that is falling to pieces and wishing their ex-partner the best. “I’ve been hoping somebody loves you in the ways I couldn’t. Somebody’s taking care of all of the mess I’ve made. Someone you don’t have to change. I’ve been hoping someone will love you, let me go”. This could have been a very intimate and vulnerable moment for Hailee but instead she has made it gimmicky, generic and average. Snore.





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