SINGLE REVIEW: Demi Lovato – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore


Demi Lovato’s forthcoming six studio album “Tell Me You Love Me” is shaping up to be her strongest record yet. “Sorry Not Sorry” and title track “Tell Me You Love Me” have both offered two unique and mature sounds that sees her breaking the chains from her Disney past and opening up about her recent break up from ex-Fiance Wilmer Valderrama. With the release date itching closer the songstress has just dropped another hype single but it doesn’t hold the same calibre as the previous tracks. “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is a vulnerable track which could be misinterpreted as a break up song but this ballad actually looks at her breaking up with her old self and heading towards recovery. It’s a topic she has been very vocal about for years so it’s no surprise that this record saw her covering it again. “I won’t fall for your games so don’t hate me when I say that you don’t do it for me anymore”. It’s very obvious that she is gunning for a Grammy with this record after receiving a nomination for her last album and not winning the category. This song is all about emotion and vulnerability but there is just something lacking. It’s a beautiful song that serves serious vocals but its a bit boring. It’s an album deep cut that people are most likely to forget about once they have the full record in their hands. It’s almost a bit too over produced or over sung in the chorus and should have been stripped back a bit more to really succeed with the vulnerability she wanted to showcase.



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  1. Demi said that Tell Me You Love Me and Sorry Not Sorry are not about Wilmer in an interview. Stop writing fake stuff please

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