SINGLE REVIEW: U2 – You’re The Best Thing About Me


The last time we heard new music from U2 was when they controversially released their album “Songs Of Innocence” onto everyones Apple devices without warning. Fast forward 3 years and they are preparing the release of their fourteenth studio album and follow up record “Songs Of Experience”. This time they are releasing it a bit more traditionally and have just released the joyous and romantic lead single. “You’re The Best Thing About Me” begins with their signature guitar rock sound accompanied with Bono’s distinguished vocals. Nothing totally original nor is it shocking that this is the first taste of their new album because this is the same sound we have received for the past 37 years. But for the chorus they strip the sound back providing a nostalgic echo effect with one of the genuinely catchiest hooks they have had in years. It looks at declaring your love for someone no matter what you go through in a time where the world is a very unsure place. “You’re the best thing about me, I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy. You’re the best thing about me, the best things are easy to destroy. You’re the best thing about me, the best thing about me”. It is very radio friendly and could just be the song the band need to re-enter the charts and claim their relevancy again. It’s not their best song in their discography by any means but it’s a strong contender.




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