SINGLE REVIEW: George Maple – Hero

george maple

George Maple is no stranger to the Australian touring circuit. From playing some of Australia’s biggest festivals to headlining club shows she continues to impress people with her electronic pop. Her new single “Hero” sees Maple heading towards a shinier pop sound with the addition of some 80’s nostalgic synths. The sound is very euphoric and is driven by the pulsating synths that make you just want to slow dance by yourself under some strobe lights. The song explores the realisation that vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s a strength. And while this may be a bit of an emotional sound it has a really empowerful feel to it. “And tell me, where do we go when this shit gets so real? We can’t find the words to say, I’m standing here in limbo. If this is what we’re in for then maybe I don’t want it anyway”. Her vocals are probably the strongest we have heard from her yet. They are powerful and her simple delivery compliments the production nicely. This is a sound I want to hear from her more because this song is a TUNE.



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