SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?


Taylor Swift is not messing around. It has only been a week since she released the lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” from her forthcoming sixth studio album “Reputation” and the songstress is already releasing a new promo single. “…Ready For It” is a bold track that welcomes a new confident sound and redefines her genre. The verses begin with these gritty synths that are reminiscent of a dirty hip hop beat and then she begins to rap over it. Yes, you read that correctly, she raps. Okay, maybe not raps as such but it’s definitely a spoken (rap inspired) delivery. The production during the verses and post chorus is very similar to Kanye West’s “Im In It” from his “Yeezus” record and I can’t hear anything else anymore. Is it on purpose? Probably. Do we care? No. To be honest, I’m still unsure if I even like these verses because her vocal delivery is quite cringe worthy and I’m already picturing some embarrassing choreography with the live performances. But then the pre-chorus hits and all is right in the world again. It sounds like her “1989” era went back in time and met the “Red” era and gave us a euphoric moment of bliss. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams. You should see the things we do, baby”. It’s a nostalgic moment that embraces her roots and gives us that radio ready hook that we were waiting for. While I may not be sold on the verses I do have to applaud her experimental approach and respect how she is trying to constantly re-invent herself.