ALBUM REVIEW: The Script – Freedom Child


Irish “rockers” The Script truly had all the potential. Their records leading up to “3” were praised with euphoric hooks, empowering lyrics and unstoppable hits making them a band to get excited over. But they got predictable, boring and fell into a niche of cheesiness. “No Sound Without Silence” saw them chasing a stadium ready pop-rock sound that would make them follow in the footsteps of Coldplay but instead it was bland and mediocre at best. Their fifth studio album “Freedom Child” channels U2 in a political lyrical approach but it lacks in the execution. Instead of coming across as empowering they come across as gimmicky, embarrassing and cheesy. It’s an obvious plea for a hit single and I’m not sure if this album will actually generate that. Opening track “No Man Is An Island” introduces a interesting reggae production with a big hook that has been created with their live show in mind.  But then ‘Rain” and “Rock The World” deliver predictable and generic production with uninspiring lyrics. “Eden”, “Make Up”, “Mad Love” and title track “Freedom Child” don’t do any favors with chessy lyrics and flat-line hooks. They cross into boyband territory on “Love Not Lovers” and “Wonders” with a confusing electronic influence ditching their established sound with less of a “band” production. However it’s not ALL a bad time. “Arms Open” is the classic rock love ballad and the only song that I could see actually being a potential commercial hit. The lyrics are quotable and seem more sincere than the majority of the material. “So when you feel like you can’t take another round of being broken, my arms are open. And when you’re losing faith and every door around you keeps on closing, my arms are open”. The album is centered around voicing a political opinion and they failed to really give a strong opinion that wasn’t cookie cutted around. “Divided States Of America” had the potential to be a massive fuck you song to the current American government but instead it was a gimmicky ploy to get listens. “Divided States of America, divided states of the world. If we don’t all stand together, we will fall”. They tried to create an anthemic record but instead they ended up just being bland. As a whole the record is weak and lacks any real moment of brilliance or originality. The songs that do stand out are just recycled moments that we have already heard from them while the new ones are gimmicky. At least lead singer Danny O’Donoghue’s vocals sound good?




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