SINGLE REVIEW: Ricki-Lee – Not Too Late


Ricki-Lee has been teasing the release of new music for the past year and the songstress who was robbed from Australian Idol in 2004 is finally ready to give it to us. “Not Too Late” is the first single from her forthcoming fifth studio album and sees her chasing a mature approach whilst leaving the bubblegum pop sound she’s become known for behind. Channeling the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey this song is stripped back with minimalistic production and just focuses on her powerhouse vocals. She will have you in awe from the moment the song begins with her soulful vocals intertwining with the simple guitar strumming and finger clicks. It’s effortless. And then the chorus hits and she just BELTS it out. There’s no gimmicks with this track, it’s just pure emotion and insane vocals. Her vocal runs are on point and I was legitimately speechless. This is most raw we have heard her as a vocalist and she just proves to you why she truly deserved to win Australian Idol all those years ago. Lyrically the emotional track reminisces over an old flame that you’ve said goodbye to but still have unsettled feelings for. “It’s so easy to forget how we got here. Let’s just surmise, but you gotta lose yourself before you find your way. But it’s not too late cause we are, we are, we are all the same and it’s not too late to start all over again”. From a first listen you will instantly agree this is one of her boldest and strongest songs yet. It may not be a pop dancefloor anthem like “Can’t Touch It”, “Raining Diamonds” or “Do It Like That” but this mature track will reshape her career and allow her to become the artist you want her to be. A COMEBACK.


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