SINGLE REVIEW: Paloma Faith – Crybaby


For a brief moment I nearly forgot about “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”. After all it has been 3 years and we haven’t heard boo from her since. But she has reappeared and hit us in the feels all over again with the first single from her forthcoming fourth studio album “The Architect”. This song isn’t what I expected from her as a lead single but “Crybaby” impresses and welcomes her back into your life with open arms. This groovy disco tinged pop track is a great continuation of her already funky material and isn’t a haunting ballad which would’ve been a bit predictable. This soulful and shiny pop gem is an infectious track which will get stuck in your head straight away. But this is also because it has a similar sound to Sia’s last record “This Is Acting” so it already sounds familiar. The lyrics looks at her encouraging her lover to become more in touch with his emotional side and reassures him that she will be there for him and that he can be vulnerable around her. “A real man shows his feelings. Tears they can be healing and I can be your saviour tonight. So go on and cry baby, crybaby, just cry”. The nostalgic sounding track is driven by the groovy baseline and a polished hook which is radio ready. Is it a monster hit like “Only Love Can Hurt Like This? No. Is it super catchy though? Yes. It’s a cool comeback and something to bop along to.


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