klp melt

KLP legitimately does everything. She is a producer, singer, songwriter, DJ and is even a radio host and is constantly balancing a roster to make all those projects work. Last year her EP “Ember” impressed with a strong collection of electronic-pop songs fronted by the title track which was a tropical and underrated bop. She continued this “radio ready” sound earlier this year with the follow up single “Changes” which wasn’t as strong but still delivered a catchy hook which kept you interested. But now she has a new single to introduce to you which departs the tropical production and goes toward a more electronic and club driven direction. “Melt” is built around distorted beats and synths that compliment her clean pop vocals. The verses have a strong backbeat which drives the song until the under-produced and cringe worthy pre chorus takes over. Her vocals sound un-mixed and truly lack the quality and strength that the verses had. Luckily the chorus picks it back up again with a strong breakdown and a catchy hook which has been created for those big singalong moments in her live show. It’s a track that will grow on you but it’s still not as instantly likeable or as strong as the tracks from her previous EP.


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