SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo – If I’m Lucky


There is no denying that Jason Derulo has some absolute bops in his discography but recently he has continually released some painfully bad tracks that made me question if he would ever redeem himself. However on his new single “If I’m Lucky” the tables are turned and he releases a seemingly okay track that doesn’t rely on an annoying or gimmicky chorus. The song begins stripped back with a guitar riff and raw vocals that have a slight echo distortion which is an intimate sound we haven’t really heard from Derulo in years. He opens up with the revealing lyrics “Who are you to say that I didn’t love you? Cause I didn’t love the way you wanted. And who am I to blame? When I didn’t trust you enough to let you in the way I wanted”. The gritty production is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s recent material and I was digging the vibe. But then the song dramatically changes pace with a pre chorus that is a bit cringeworthy and really could’ve been avoided. The chorus then gives you a funky Bruno Mars inspired hook that is reflective and vibey. “If I’m lucky I’ll meet ya, flip side of the graveyard cause things didn’t work out in this life”. Reflecting on it, the hook is probably a bit gimmicky but it’s significantly better than the embarrassing try hard hip-hop songs he was releasing. The good thing for him is that it’s super catchy and it grows on you with each listen. The chorus is radio ready and one that some clubs may even pick up to remix. It’s no “Want To Want Me” or “Trumpets” but it’s a song I wouldn’t go out of my way to turn off.

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