SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – High On Me


Over the past year Guy Sebastian has been chasing a grittier and edgier sound which wasn’t as polished or commercial compared to his previous material. Instead “Candle” and “Mind On You” were more something you would expect to hear on Triple J than anywhere else and I was really digging it. But for some reason he has reverted to his cliche gimmicky RNB sound for a song that sounds dated. “High On Me” sounds like every song that was big in 2012 with it’s groovy RNB injected hook and slinky synths. His vocals sound great with a smooth falsetto and even a little raspiness. But his vocals have always sounded great so that’s not really a surprise. Where the song really disappoints is in it’s production. It’s not original nor is it even THAT catchy. The chorus is a bit flat and is anticlimactic compared to the genuinely okay verses. He delivers a slick groove during the verses but then the chorus just adds this cheesy over manufactured pop layer. I’m very unsure what he was trying to accomplish with this song. Maybe he was just hungry for another Top 10 track so they’ve just thrown together something that mainstream radio would play? Or someone actually told him that this was a good sound and to abandon his experimental project. That person was wrong.




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