SINGLE REVIEW: Ariela Jacobs – Say So


Melbourne musician Ariela Jacobs is a name you may already be familiar with after she had a couple of viral singles as well as a epic collaboration with Alius earlier this year. The singer-songwriter is preparing the release of her third EP and is ready to enchant listeners again with her mature adult-pop meets folk. Title track “Say So” is a bold and beautiful ballad that serves as the second official single from the forthcoming release and comes at the perfect timing before her BigSound festival showcases next week in Brisbane. The emotional track reflects on life and learning to become comfortable with the way timing works and growing from it as a person. “I’m beginning to reason to the tide. All of the moons, all of the lives. This silent altitude I’d never thought I’d find. So if you’re ready to go, say so”. It’s a healing track that has this calming tone complimented by her soothing vocals that gracefully soar. It’s a very raw and honest track with dark undertones that don’t put too much weight on it and still allows it to become relatable. This mature track isn’t going to be for everyone but if you’re over the tropical-pop beat drops that are over saturating our radio and charts then this is going to be a nice breath of fresh air and raw talent for your ears.



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