SINGLE REVIEW: Fergie feat. Nicki Minaj – You Already Know


Eleven years. That’s how long it has been since Fergie released her (flawless) debut album “The Duchess” and now eleven years later she is finally giving us a second serving. “Double Duchess” will be officially released on September 22 and with the previous singles “L.A Love”, “M.I.L.F $” and “Life Goes On” being underrated bops I am hoping she blows us away with a smash hit like “Fergalicious”, “Glamorous” or a stripped down heartbreaker like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” soon”. However don’t expect it from new single “You Already Know”. This track has been over hyped for years because it features Nicki Minaj and I low key expected it to be incredible because of that reason but it just isn’t. The centre of the issue surrounds the fact that the song’s hook sounds off key. It doesn’t sound like it’s been mastered and sounds like it’s been taken from a different recording session than the rest of the track. But her rapping verses are on point and gives you that original Fergie flavour that you fell in love with. The production is average until towards the end of the track where she completely breaks it down and gives you a funk moment that gives me “Here I Come” vibes from her debut album. But that brief moment abruptly comes to an end and she returns to the painfully awful hook which will annoyingly get stuck in your head. Even Nicki Minaj’s verse underwhelms slightly with only a few memorable lines. I really wanted this song to be a smash hit and to get everyone to stop sleeping on her but I just hope they don’t hear this song because it is kinda embarrassing. She also released “Hungry” as a promotional single and while the futuristic RNB meets electronic track isn’t a hit either it’s a lot more inventive and likeable than this mess.





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