SINGLE REVIEW: Astrid S – Think Before I Talk


Astrid S is really blowing up in the pop world at the moment. The Norwegian songstress only released her second EP “Party’s Over” a month ago and she already has a new single out in the world. “Think Before I Talk” is a polished pop track that takes a leaf out of Zara Larsson’s book with a similar styled production and vocal delivery. The song is good and grows on you with each listen but its nothing groundbreaking. Her last EP was an experimental collection of pop songs that weren’t so straight forward or commercial but this song is very cookie cutter. And don’t get me wrong, that isn’t always a bad thing but I guess in comparison to the rest of her material this song stands out as a bit more top 40 try-hard. Also maybe I’m still pressed that “Such A Boy” didn’t receive the attention it deserved. But anyways, this song looks at her vulnerability and saying things in the moment that she doesn’t really mean. “Maybe I should think before I talk. I get emotional and words come out all wrong”. It’s a easily relatable song that has a catchy hook that may spark radio interest but if it does just remember that this isn’t her strongest song.


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