ALBUM REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony

fifth harmony

They may now only be a four piece but Fifth Harmony are stronger and more in-sync as a group than ever before. On their third studio album the group showcases an impressive maturity and growth with their tight harmonies and equal share of solo’s. However the songs themselves lie a little flat. They sound rushed and unfinished with a sound that remains at the same tempo for the majority of the 35 minute album. They’ve gone towards a heavier RNB influence that was cited in the two singles “Down” and “Angel”. Both were songs that did take a couple of listens to grow on you and weren’t instantly likeable unlike “Worth it” or “That’s My Girl”. I really wanted to like this album but I was majorly disappointed. The direction is there but the execution was just weak. “He Like That” is one of the strongest songs on the record and embraces a fun, sassy and sexier side to their personalities. But then “Sauced Up”, “Make You Mad”, “Deliver” and “Lonely Night” flatline with the same melodic idea as well as incorporating a predictable tropical pop influence. Snore. “Don’t Say You Love Me” swoops in to save the day with a classic girl group inspired moment. The empowering ballad sees the girls taking a stand to their lover who is continues on playing mind games. “So don’t say you miss me when you don’t call. Don’t say you’re hurting without the scars. Don’t promise me tonight without tomorrow too”. It’s a beautiful and minimalistic moment that perfectly paves the way for the final two tracks. “Bridges” and “Messy” are vocally the strongest tracks on the record and offer mild RNB production with a polished pop finish. They aren’t future hits but they are great songs that definitely deserve a listen. These more stripped back moments have always been their strong point so I’m unsure why they’ve never released a killer ballad as a single since “Sledgehammer”. Take note girls? This album is a grower but it’s not great. It’s a bit bland and could’ve done with a lot of touching up however they are sounding vocally incredible. Their harmonies are so tight and while this album may have been rushed production wise at least we know there is strong potential for their next release.






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