SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do


Taylor Swift is arguably one of the biggest names in music. She’s won 10 Grammy awards, had two sold out stadium tours on top of two sold out arena tours and has massively re-invented her whole sound and image. It’s been 3 years since she released the record breaking “1989” and she’s preparing to do it all over again. Her sixth studio album Reputation is set for release on November 10 and the first single gives you a strange combination of sounds. “Look What You Made Me Do” sees the songstress delivering a track that really doesn’t sound like anything else out at the moment. But if I was to describe it in anyway for you it would be this; It sounds like Lorde had a love child with Avril Lavigne during her “Best Damn Thing” era and then went back in time to the 90’s. It’s nothing like anything she’s ever done before and thats exactly what I expected. She has always tried to grow as an artist and she has successfully done that. People will argue that this song’s structure is messy and all over the place but they are probably the same people who said that about Lorde’s “Green Light” too so their opinion is invalid. The pre-chorus is nearly as catchy as the actual hook and I think that is what makes people so confused. The chorus sees her sampling the rhythm of “I’m Too Sexy” and OWNING it. I just wish the lyrics in the chorus were a bit more sassier like the verses. But the bridge brings it back together with what I’m sure will become one of the most quoted lyrics on social media this year;  “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me. I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams”. The production breakdown during the bridge is perfect and will create for an amazing choreography moment in her live performances. But then the line that follows pretty much broke the internet; “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? oh, cause she’s dead”. She absolutely owns the structure and by the end of it you will be singing and dancing along. Whether you like her or not you have to admit that she knows how to write a HIT.


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