SINGLE REVIEW: Hansaa feat. SOSO & Oliver Tank – Need To Know


Hansaa may be a newcomer but you wouldn’t have guessed it from his debut single “Need To Know”. After spending the past two years in LA experimenting with sounds and techniques this upcoming producer has just delivered a melodramatic electronic track. Co produced by SOSO and soaked in synthesisers this song floats somewhere between dreamy EDM and alternative pop. It has a very experimental sound that is nothing like anything else out at the moment. It’s not a gimmicky dance track that relies on a tropical beat drop to get mainstream airtime nor does it stick to a generic structure. What is great about this track is that it is so different. He has a James Blake vibe to the production which enhances the moody and dark attributes. There is an existing guitar riff in the production that is similar to the gentle electronic-guitar sound that Tash Sultana has branded. It adds a different texture and depth to the sound before the final chorus which is a perfect alternative to the normally overdone beat breakdown. Sydney musician Oliver Tank lends his vocals for this track and offers a dark story that flirts with hardships, death and overcoming them. His vocals are a beautiful blend of emotion, vulnerability and honesty that sees his harmonies offering a cool contrast to the production. “Need To Know” is a very mature debut single that shows his strengths as an artist without giving into the cliche world that can be the EDM scene. Hansaa is an artist who is going to be worth keeping an eye on.



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