SINGLE REVIEW: Miley Cyrus – Younger Now


I’m not going to lie, I was nervous for Miley Cyrus’ comeback. The “Bangerz” era was a lot of fun but the “Dead Petz” era was definitely an acquired taste. So everyone was unsure how she would brand herself for this new era and thankfully she has stripped it back to offer a more wholesome and mature sound. Her sixth studio album “Younger Now” is scheduled for release on September 29 and she has just released the title track as the official second single. The song sees Cyrus continuing the honest and raw sound that she reintroduced on the euphoric “Malibu”. She’s gone back to her roots with this pop meets folk sound and she sounds stronger than ever. It’s just embodies her carefree vibe so well with a reflective and emotional side that has always been important to her music. However “Younger Now” is a bit anti-climatic. The song just doesn’t go anywhere. It stays at the same tone the whole way through and lacks a moment of production brilliance or the use impactful melodies like on “Malibu” which had you instantly entranced. It’s a nice track, but it sounds like an album filler. It’s a strange choice for a single, if it was a promotional single then I could maybe understand. The only great thing about this song is its lyrics (and the nostalgic music video). She looks at embracing her past and being proud of the growth she has made and of the person that she has become. “No one stays the same. You know what goes up must come down. Change is a thing you can count on, I feel so much younger now”. The hook could’ve been bigger or more euphoric but its a good folk-pop song. It’s mature, reflective and nice but it’s still not great.


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