SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Bieber feat. Bloodpop – Friends


“A BANGER. A TUNE. A SONG. ALL THE FEELS”. That was my internal dialogue while listening to Justin Bieber and Bloodpop’s new collaboration for the first time. “Friends” is sort of the perfect pop meets EDM song and I was strangely surprised. I don’t really know why because the last time these two collaborated the smash hit “Sorry” was born. But I guess the pop-edm crossover has been done so much recently that I questioned if anything new or exciting could really come out of this. And Bieber has been just turning out collaboration after collaboration this year. Some of them have been hits and some of them have been misses. But “Friends” is one of the strongest songs he’s done in a long time. The production starts off with a groovy 80’s nostalgic pulsating synth and drum combination which will have your foot tapping along instantly. And then the hook delivers a minimalistic beat drop which will then have your whole body moving. The production isn’t elaborate but it’s exactly the right vibe this song needed to bring it to life. It’s subtle but impactful. His melodies are on point and make the chorus stuck in your head. The lyrics are one of the strongest things about this song and that also comes at no surprise when you find out its been co-written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels. It looks at trying to sustain a relationship after a break up and uncovers those emotions that you may still have for them. It’s relatable, honest and real. “I know we didn’t end this so good but you know we had something so good. So I’m wondering Can we still be friends?” // “Wonderin’ if you’ve got a body to hold you tighter since I left. Wondering if you think about me, actually don’t answer that”. Once you add all these elements together you do have the ingredients for the perfect pop-edm song.





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