SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Platten – Broken Glass 


Rachel Platten had two of the biggest songs of 2015 with the inspiring and empowering ‘Fight Song” and “Stand By You”. These tracks saw her going from an independent artist to being signed to a major label, topping the charts and performing internationally. An incredible feat in itself and after taking some time off to write she is ready to do it all over again. “Broken Glass” is the lead single from her forthcoming major label second studio album and see’s her further extending her adult contemporary pop sound. For this song she has gone towards a tropical pop sound that sees her experimenting with slick synths and a groovy dance vibe. She still maintains to hold onto her mature sound that made her debut album stand out from the manufactured pop we get inundated with. Her lyrics have always been strong and this song is no different. The empowering track looks at not letting the negative things in life affect you or hold you back from living your life. “I’m gonna dance on broken glass and I’m gonna make that ceiling crash.  So what? Still got knives in my back So what? So I’m tied to the tracks. I’m gonna dance on broken glass”. It’s a fresh injection of positivity in a world that could really do with it right now. It’s an inspiring and empowering song that stands on it’s own as a great track and stands strong next to its predecessors. The production is fun and creates a vibe that will have you dancing and feeling the carefree emotion. With its lyrical content it could be deemed as cheesy or immature but the way she has structured it continues the mature adult-contemporary sound she has perfected. And do I even need to mention that her vocals are strong? This is a great track that will fit perfectly on radio and will have you feeling a little stronger.



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