SINGLE REVIEW: Lisa Mitchell – Stop


Lisa Mitchell is releasing an EP on September 15 of nostalgic 90’s pop songs and I am SO here for this. “When They Play That Song” will see her covering “Lovefool”, “Cruel To Be Kind”, “Every You Every Me” and the already released “California” (aka the OC theme song that we were all obsessed with in the early 2000’s). She is giving these songs a unique Lisa Mitchell twist with her breezy folk-pop sound that you have come to know and love. She has just released the second single for this EP and it’s one I’m VERY excited about. She has given “Stop” by the Spice Girls a hauntingly beautiful makeover. The stripped down version sees Mitchell accompanied only by the simple strumming of guitar and it’s so minimalistic yet so perfect. It’s a direction that you never expected to hear this song performed and it takes a moment for you not to just break out into the choreography and have that big dance moment as soon as she begins that first iconic line. You are instantly captivated by her beautiful vocals that showcase a vulnerability in this song that I think that only her vocals could truly pinpoint. And I’m glad that she kept it simple for this song and didn’t try to over do it and made it completely original. Because honestly if you somehow lived under a rock for the past 19 years and didn’t know this song then you would be convinced that it’s an original because of her pure conviction.



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