Okay it’s official, your original Disney favourites Aly & AJ are back to save pop music in 2017. If you’re not excited about this statement can you even call yourself a pop music fan? “Insomniatic” was one of the most underrated pop records of 2007 with the absolute bops “Potential Break Up Song” and “Chemicals React” as well as the emotional “Division”. After branching out with the alternative side project 78 Violet the sister duo are back together under their original name and making pop music that you are bound to get excited over. “Take Me” is an experimental synth pop track that sees them getting DIY with the production and giving you cool beat drops and dreamy harmonies. Their vocals still have the contrast of teen angst that you related to back in the day as well as reflective emotion. Because they’re sisters their harmonies are very in sync and they’ve created these little moments of pure magic that the pop nerd in me got very excited over. The lyrics are quite basic with a lot of repetition happening but with the experimental production it actually worked really well and didn’t seem overly ridiculous. The song looks at them just questioning when this particular guy is going to get the balls to ask them out. Relatable. “I’ve been spending my attention on you. I don’t wait long cause I got better things to do. When you gonna take me out?”. When you first listen you will be instantly intrigued, impressed and wanting to push replay. What really impressed me about this song was it’s originality. It truly doesn’t sound like anything else out at the moment. The only slight comparison I could make was that it has a Carly Rae Jepsen “Emotion” synth pop vibe to it. Truly a must listen for pop lovers.


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