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tempus sun

Melbourne six piece Tempus Sun had me captivated a couple of months ago when they released their debut single “Owls”. The gradient indie-alternative meets folk track started with a simple guitar strumming which then builded with the incorporation of a coffee house piano and percussion before introducing a fulfilled sound for the chorus. The song looked at speaking up about your struggles and encouraging that conversation between friends and loved ones which shouldn’t be an embarrassing one to admit that you’re not okay. The band have just released their debut self titled EP which continues this gradient sound and introduces a collection of different textures and emotions. EP opener and new single “Gold” begins stripped back with a simple piano arrangement and percussion before offering an euphoric and uplifting hook which you could compare to the likes of Mumford And Sons. The piano key structure is similar to Lorde’s “Green Light” infamous pre-chorus and I couldn’t help but dig the similarities. This song also sees Rya Park taking the lead vocals which was a cool surprise after listening to “Owls” where Andrew Wortes is the lead vocalist. “Crash” then sees Andrew kicking off the track with an instant upbeat vibe and strumming guitar while the chorus is this really cool euphoric moment that sees both him and Rya harmonising while proclaiming “So let the waves crash over me”. “Coming Home” is this minimalistic indie-pop ballad thats driven by a piano and pulsating drum. The chorus incorporates the whole band for a uplifting hook and then is quickly minimised again for the verses. But then “Dragon” closes the EP with a forgettable 4 minute track which has a nice sound but it’s really just recycling elements of “Gold” and “Coming Home” for an EP filler that didn’t really need to be included. However as a whole, this is a very promising collection of tracks that sees the band introducing their euphoric alt-pop meets folk sound to listeners which will leave them intrigued and wanting to hear more.

Tempus Sun East Coast Tour

Friday 25 August – The Milk Factory – Brisbane
Saturday 26 August – Brighton Up Bar – Sydney
Friday 1 September – The Evelyn Hotel – Melbourne
*Please note all shows are 18+




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