Sometimes all you need is some euphoric pop in your life; something with a groovy beat, sweet lyrics and killer vocals. Well, Fickle Friends is that band that keeps on delivering you those euphoric vibes. Their indie-pop sound has evolved since their first EP in 2015 but still holds onto the same roots that initially had you falling in love with them. It’s been a long time coming with 6 singles in between but the Brighton five piece have just released their second EP “Glue”.

The title track is a summer anthem that is layered with synths and driven by a groove baseline. It details that intense and passionate moment you meet someone and your lips touch and you don’t want to let go. It’s a cheeky and flirty track that suggests that maybe you should just take it to the bedroom. “Because our lips are like glue, I think I love you. So oooh, I wanna love you, I wanna love you for the night”.

They then loosely continue that storyline with the playful “Sugar” that looks at those unresolved feelings towards someone and just treating them like a sugar rush. “The taste of your love is more than I can handle. The words that you say mean nothing by tomorrow”. The production is similar and has a funky baseline that’ll have you just wanting to dance like no one is watching. “Vanilla” is that pop song that gives you sweet production and a big hook that you are going to find yourself singing along to loud to in the car. But really its a bit of a sad track where lead vocalist Natassja questions how the relationship has got so boring. “We are just vanilla. We weren’t always so bland but we were just fun on a trial run. Oh, it was a frame of mind, got a lot to learn in love”.

The EP is then wrapped up with a acoustic version of “Glue” which shows a different contrast to this song and collection. It turns a quirky, fun track into a emotionally evoking song about wanting someone’s love. Their growth is impressive and they continue to release catchier tracks with groovier hooks and are becoming one of the UK’s best kept secrets. So you probably should stop sleeping on them and get yourself acquainted with this infectious indie-pop.

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