SINGLE REVIEW: Becky Hill – Unpredictable


Becky Hill is a name you will want to remember. She is a regular on the UK touring circuit playing festivals and sold out shows across the country but she’s only just getting started. The 23 year old songstress has one of the most original and captivating voices in the current pop scene and her soulful blend of RNB-pop-dance is still untouched. Her newest single “Unpredictable” is probably the most mainstream we have heard solo music be. The euphoric track looks at the moment when you fall in love and how unexpected it is. It’s a simple idea which is accompanied by simple and honest lyrics but is executed in such an impressive way. “So I’ll pretend that it don’t bother me (I’ll pretend) and I won’t ask for nothing more. I’ll leave it up to chance cause it’s not in my hands, love is unpredictable”. The production is immaculate. There is no other way for me to explain it. From in between hand claps, synths, tribal sounds and dance beats this song just captures the most honest collision of love. It will have you wanting to run around and dance like nobody is watching and even if they are, you won’t care. And do I even need to get started on her vocals? They are so powerful and captivating that if this is the first time you’ve discovered her you will be instantly clicking play on the rest of her discography.




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