SINGLE REVIEW: Jessie J – Real Deal

jessie j real deal

It has been three years since Jessie J has delivered new music and I find it strange that she’s leading her comeback with a song for a M&M ad. “Real Deal” is not an official single but instead is being used as a promotional track for a new M&M campaign and to welcome her back in the spotlight. A strange concept. But luckily the song isn’t bad. It’s not great either. It’s an album filler track that thankfully has a catchy hook. It gives you nostalgic RNB vibes with its funky production breakdown that sounds like its been made to have it blasting from your car with the windows down while you cruise the streets of Los Angeles. The lyrics are about taking a risk to fall in love because you won’t know until you try. “This could be the real deal. I don’t wanna waste it, take the risk and make it. Ain’t no need for fakin’, love is for the takin’, we special”. Which doesn’t really make sense in ad proposition except taking a risk on the new M&M flavour to see if you love it??? How ridiculous. Her vocals are as fiery as ever and thats really the only great thing about this song. Hopefully her official lead single is a lot better than this strange mess.




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