SINGLE REVIEW: Ella Eyre feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Ego

ella eyre

Ella Eyre’s debut album “Feline” is one of the most underrated records of 2015. She impressed with her maturity, her vocals and the diversity of sounds while still holding onto her soul roots. Fast track two years and she’s ready to premiere her lead single from her forthcoming sophomore studio album and to put it bluntly, its a major let down. “Ego” is a commercial pop track that loses the essence of Ella Eyre. It could be released by any pop songstress that has a soul vocal flare and it would have the same impact. Her fiery personality doesn’t show through this song at all and it’s a real shame. I would expect this song on a debut record and not by an established artist who has already worked hard to be taken seriously. Its gimmicky bubblegum pop and I wish it was actually good like Rita Ora’s “Your Song” so we could forgive and forget and just hope for the best with the follow up single. However just when you thought this song couldn’t get any worse she’s instead added fuel to the fire and added a feature rap from Ty Dolla $ign. I guess they thought they had to give people a reason to listen to the end and it worked but even his rap was lacklustre. I really wanted to love this song because I personally love her as an artist but its underwhelming, disappointing and gimmicky.