SINGLE REVIEW: Cyrus – Alone


After winning X Factor Australia in 2015 Cyrus has been fairly quiet with only three singles under his belt as well as a debut album of rushed covers. Finally breaking his silence, he has just released a new single that sees him stripping it back to offer a relaxed RNB sound which allows the focus to be on his vocals. However “Alone” backfires and gives you monotonous guitar chords and a average melody that just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. The whole time you’re listening to the song you are waiting for a big chorus or a key change but then you realise that you’re already up to the second chorus and that this song really is just the same chords the entire way through. His vocals are the only good thing about the song and makes it tolerable to listen to but the structure is way too relaxed. The production choices are very questionable and I’m still unsure what they were trying to achieve by releasing this song.


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