SINGLE REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin – Waking up Slow


Gabrielle Aplin was first introduced to us in 2013 with her intimate and emotional record “English Rain” which was a collection of raw piano ballads. She then introduced a grittier sound in 2015 with the guitar lead sophomore album “Light Up The Dark” which showed a different side to her vocals and storytelling. And then she re-invented herself yet again in 2016 with the tropical pop sound that her EP “I Miss You” shocked and impressed with. She has further explored this pop avenue with the lead single “Waking Up Slow” from her forthcoming EP “Avalon”. This glittery pop track explores falling in love with someone that you always only ever thought of as a friend. It’s that moment when you’re like oh it’s been right in front of me this whole time. “All my nights taste like gold. Yeah, when I’m with you It’s like everything glows. And all my days we can lay low. Yeah, when we’re waking up slow”. The production is new-age synth pop meets 80’s throwback. It’s super vibey, retrospective and will have you just wanting to dance around with a massive smile on your face. People may argue and question where the emotional side of Aplin has gone but this new venture is meant to evoke a different side of emotion. It’s meant to have you gushing and giggling like you’re falling in love again for the first time. It’s a euphoric pop track and she delivers that. It will grow on you with each listen and I personally am really enjoying hearing her grow and evolve as an artist.




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