SINGLE REVIEW: Alyssa Reid – High


Over the past couple of years Canadian pop songstress Alyssa Reid has evolved and matured as an artist. Her last record “Phoenix” was a bold collection of emotional ballads that beautifully showcased her growth from the cliche debut that was “The Game”. So far Reid has been very quiet in 2017 but she’s about to change that. Her new single “High” is her strongest track yet and is a bold move towards the tropical and electronic direction pop is embracing. The song begins with a basic guitar strum with the integration of tropical synths while the pre-chorus melody gets cemented in your brain. And then the beat breakdown drops and will leave you seriously impressed. The production slightly reminds me of Zedd’s “Stay” with similar synths leading the chorus. Her vocals are not jeopardised because of the production and still hears her giving that slightly soulful pop delivery that you’ve become accustomed to. The song looks at that natural high when you’re in love with someone but then going through a break up and questioning how you’re going to continue. It captures a raw emotion that is relatable and universal while still delivering a big pop moment. “You had me head over heels, now I can’t get over you. I’m in way over my head and I don’t know what to do. So I get high, high, high till I’m numb out of pain. You’re under my skin, you’re like a drug in my veins”. Alyssa Reid has had notable success in Canada but it’s time that she takes that globally and “High” could definitely be that song that breaks her internationally. It’s catchy, emotional and an all round banger.






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