Sydney based indie-pop duo PLGRMS have had a crazy 2 years. After their debut single “Pieces” received impressive traction they’ve being releasing singles and touring with the likes of Vera Blue, Mansion Air, Oh Wonder and Dean Lewis as well as on their own headlining tours. They’ve just dropped their second single for 2017 which sees them evolving as a duo and slightly growing their sound with bolder synths. “Crawling Back” begins reminiscent of a 80’s infomercial montage or a really tacky horror film wth suspenseful synths that have you questioning where they are going with this sound. It then launches into this slick alternative-pop groove that will have you swaying during the verses and then getting loose during the hook. It’s a very different sound compared to their previous releases which have been a lot more “safe” and on the same spectrum to the likes of SAFIA. Now these guys are literally playing in their own field and have given something which is completely original and different to anything out currently. Jacob Pearson’s vocals are dreamy and will have you entranced on this confessional track. This is a sound I hope they continue to explore and experiment with on their forthcoming releases. It’s been almost born solely to ignite their live set even more and that makes me excited.


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