SINGLE REVIEW: Phoebe Ryan feat. Blackbear – Forgetting All About You


Phoebe Ryan is one of these new breed of pop artists who may not have mainstream success with chart-topping singles but because of the power of social media she’s a name that most avid pop fans know. Her single “Mine” was heavily praised by media, fans and artists alike (It even received massive shoutouts from Taylor Swift and Tove Lo) and her mashup of R.Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You” went viral. Fast track 2 years and a couple of promo singles and she’s back with a new song that is going to hit you in the feels. “Forgetting All About You” is that break up song that you want to blast and sing along to on the top of your lungs and be like “I’m fine without you”. The production is different to anything else that’s out at the moment. It’s a pop track that has RNB undertones while giving you a DIY approach. Her vocals are breezy and give you a little bit of attitude. Newcomer Blackbear offers a slick verse that gives the song a different texture and intertwines with her sound quite well. Lyrically the song is a “fuck you, i’m fine song” but it’s also a heart break track. Because while she has this hard exterior and is trying to paint a glamorous lifestyle she’s hurting and only doing these things to numb the pain. It’s super relatable to anyone whose gone through a breakup and will be an anthem for some of those reckless nights. “Every afternoon I’m stoned as shit, higher than the moon. Not wearing pants, laughing at cartoons. it’s super fun, forgetting all about you. Every single night I’m making plans with my stupid friends. I drink till I’m sick, throw up in the club, It’s super fun, forgetting all about you”. This is a song that really could give her that mainstream breakthrough she needs. It’s catchy, relatable and just an all-round decent pop song.






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