SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Neville – Waiting for You

lucy neville

Pop songstress Lucy Neville is a name I’ve been excitingly talking about for 2 years now. Her debut EP “Lady” was an impressive collection of indie-pop that had a hint of electronic synths in the production. She then stripped it all back for the blues influenced “Damaged Goods” before giving Crowded House’s iconic “Fall At Your Feet” a glittery electronic pop makeover. The unsigned Sydney artist has just released her new single “Waiting For You” which continues the electronic-pop sound she’s been building up to. This is genuinely the most pop orientated sound we’ve heard from her and we aren’t complaining. Beginning with a minimalistic production the song focuses on her dreamy vocals while finger clicks and basic tropical-pop beats pull the sound together. And then the chorus explodes with a massive dance beat that you didn’t see coming. Like, you knew there was a drop coming…. but not THAT good. Long time collaborator Marc Malouf really helped make that vision come to life by taking the ballad version that Lucy had penned and turning it into this glittery pop song you are going to fall in love with. Lyrically it’s all about falling in love and being there for the person that makes you feel a particular way. It’s such a euphoric track that will have you feeling so free and wanting to spin around while the beat-drop overtakes your body.




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