SINGLE REVIEW: Jamie Lawson – Can’t See Straight

Jamie Lawson

After touring with Ed Sheeran and being signed to his record label Gingerbread Man Records, Jamie Lawson became a name you wanted to be acquainted with. “Wasn’t Expecting That” may have been officially released in 2011 but it got massive traction from radio and fans in 2015 after the songwriter toured Australia with Ed Sheeran and it got re-released and climbed the charts. His debut big label album closely followed and saw him touring the world and winning people over with his relaxed and reflective acoustic pop. 2 years later and he’s just released the first single from his forthcoming sophomore studio album “Happy Accidents” and it continues the sound you are already familiar with. “Can’t See Straight” is a perfect re-introduction for him because it gives listeners exactly what they want; relatable lyrics, heartfelt vocals and genuine production. He’s experimented slightly with more of a full band sound that comes into play during the chorus and I hope he continues this and doesn’t just stick to the predictable sound his first album was. The song is a open love letter to the person who stole his heart and makes his heart race every time he thinks about them. It’s super cheesy but in the most genuine way possible. “Oh and I can’t see straight when I’m thinking ’bout you. Yeah, you make my head spin with the things that you do. I feel dizzy when you tell me that you love me too. I can’t see straight when I’m thinking ’bout you”. It’s a great lead single that has smooth harmonies and a genuine heart to it. Pop radio is going to fall in love with and rightfully so.





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